"Sun Rays"

"Sun Rays"


30" x 40" oil on stretched canvas with gloss varnish finish. Hand signed and dated on the back. This piece is currently for sale at the Wynwood Tribe Store in Miami, Florida. Please email me if interested!


Have you ever been struck by the beauty of sun rays beaming through a forest canopy or watched as pools of sunlight float amongst the green, making everything it touches almost seem to glow? I hope so, because it is an awe inspiring experience.


Sunlight gives life to nature. It is the world’s paintbrush, bringing out the shape and vibrancy of its creations. 


I created this bright, surreal landscape to highlight the sun’s role in creating life. Mushrooms have always been a symbol of life, creativity, and regeneration in my work, making them the perfect subjects for this piece. I hope that “Sun Rays” brings its vibrant, glowing energy into your home and makes you feel alive!

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